The project is coordinated by Prof. Thomas Wenzel (Medical University of Vienna, Austria), in collaboration with European partner Universities and NGOs, including the Greek Academic Network and Vienna (Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights (Prof. Manfred Nowak, former UN special rapporteur on torture)). It collaborates with all interested local NGOs and governmental agencies.

  1. Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Austria
    Focus on: General and Medical Coordination
    Contact person: Prof. Thomas Wenzel
    email: img| link:

  2. University of Leuven, Belgium
    Focus on: International Law, Criminology
    Contact person: Prof. Stephan Parmentier
    email: img | link: Leuven Institute of Criminology:

  3. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, Vienna, Austria
    Focus on: International Law and legal country adaptations
    Contact person: Tiphanie Crittin
    email:  | links: - -

  4. Greek Academic Network (GUnet), Athens, Greece
    Focus on: Technical coordination and implementation, website, ICT issues
    Contact persons: Prof. Lazaros Merakos, email: img
    Dr. Pantelis Balaouras, email: img
    Costas Tsibanis, email: img | link:

  5. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
    Focus on: Medical Ethics
    Contact person: Andreas Frewer
    email: img|   link:

  6. Wissenschaftsinitiative, Austria
    Focus on: Project management
    Contact Person: Dr. Wolfgang Eisenreich
    email:png |    link:

  7. MFH-Bochum, Germany - Justice heals
    Focus on: Beta testing, Restorative justice
    Contact person: Bianca Schmolze
    email: img|   link:

  8. Integra, Velenje, Slovenia
    Focus on: Educational aspects
    Contact Person: Sonja Bercko
    email: img|   link:

  9. KTP, Brno, Czech Republic
    Focus on: Educational aspects
    Contact Person: Beata Hola
    email: img|   link:


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